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SciFinder: Use restrictions

Please note:

You may not download more than 5,000 records from SciFinder Scholar. Our contract specifies the following rules of use:

Members of the MIT community “may make use of CAS data obtained as a result of SciFinder Scholar searches in the ordinary course of Academic Research and may store search results in electronic form, provided that at any one time, no more than 5,000 records are stored. ”

Members of the MIT community “are permitted to search for their individual needs and may share their search results in a reasonable, limited way with other students or faculty [at MIT] who are working on the same research project, provided, however, that any such sharing may not result in an aggregation of the electronic records stored by [any individual] beyond 5,000 records , nor in the creation of any central source of electronic records.”

“Stored records must be deleted when they are no longer needed [by the user] for the relevant research project, or after completion of the [user’s] degree program, whichever occurs first.”

Commercial use of any kind is forbidden, as is any kind of transfer of data other than what is described here.

Also note:

SciFinder Scholar is not intended for use by walk-in visitors of the library who are not affiliated with MIT.