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New library search platform coming July 2021

The MIT Libraries is implementing a new platform for searching, browsing, and accessing our collections – primarily books, journals, and articles.

When will the new platform launch?

The new interface will go live in mid-July 2021.

What will it look like?

We are using the same tool as a number of our peer institutions (Primo, from ExLibris). To get a feel for the interface, try a search on one of these sites:

What is changing?

This platform will replace the Barton Catalog, BartonPlus, and Vera – these will go away when the new interface launches. NOTE: If you have any saved records in Barton/Your Bookshelf that you wish to keep, download these before July, as they will not be transferred to the new system (for assistance, Ask Us).

What is not changing?

Our Quick Search will remain the default search on the Libraries’ homepage – this aggregates results from several library search tools, and from the results you can connect to the new platform. Or you can choose to go straight to the new platform and search it directly. Your existing loans and requests in the Barton catalog will transfer to the new platform.

What’s so great about the new platform?

  • You can expand your search to find content beyond our own subscriptions, which you can then request copies of via ILB/Illiad.
  • It has a more intuitive and integrated search-and-browse experience and more relevant results when navigating our collections – refining or expanding searches is much simpler, with more options.
  • Connecting to online content and making requests will be more seamless.
  • Content alerts: You can save a search in your account and have new content that matches your search criteria emailed to you. You can also save searches and records and share with others through persistent URLs.

Want to help test out the new platform ahead of time? 

We need volunteers to help us test the usability of the platform before we launch. If you are interested, please sign up!


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