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Connect from on and off-campus

Access to the licensed resources provided by the MIT Libraries is established either by MIT IP address or via the MIT Libraries’ proxy server/MIT’s Touchstone. Search Vera to see additional access restrictions for each resource.

Current members of the MIT community:

  • If you’re on-campus with an MIT IP address or on the “MIT Secure” network, you can go directly to most resources and the publisher will recognize your IP address.
  • If you’re on-campus and on the “MIT Guest” network, you won’t be able to access most resources due to publisher restrictions. Switch to the “MIT Secure” network.
  • If you’re off-campus with a non-MIT IP address, you either need to simulate an MIT IP address, or follow a path that connects you through our proxy server. See more info below.

To access most licensed resources, you must be on campus and either:

If you have a laptop, you’ll be able to connect to the “MIT Guest” wireless network from on-campus, but you won’t be able to access most licensed resources due to publisher restrictions.

To simulate an MIT IP address use IS&T’s: 

To connect via the proxy server: