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Class of 1982 Sequentiary

The Class of 1982 Sequentiary is a book — donated to the MIT Lewis Music Library by the MIT Class of 1982 — from the 15th or early 16th century that contains text and music of a genre of chants called “sequences.” The singing of sequences was largely removed from the Catholic Mass during the reforms of the Counter-Reformation, and thus intact sequentiaries are quite rare.

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This project was an experiment created to support the Medieval and Renaissance Music (21M.220) class taught by Professor Michael Cuthbert for Spring 2017. However, the digitization of the Class of 1982 Sequentiary allows students and researchers both at MIT and throughout the world to access and study the melodies, texts, notation, and presentation of this unique testimony owned by the Lewis Music Library at MIT.

Access to the physical item

The physical manuscript of the Class of 1982 Sequentiary is available in Distinctive Collections by request.

Technical details

This project uses the Mirador viewer and IIIF. How to use the Mirador viewer

For technical support, or to report problems, please contact Carl Jones.

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