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Photo policy

The MIT Libraries may accommodate requests for both non-commercial and commercial filming or photography provided the photography does not interfere with library operations or users’ rights to privacy. This privilege is at the discretion of each library’s Access Services Manager. This policy outlines the rules that must be complied with for both purposes.

Non-commercial photography by students, visitors and the general public:

  • Photography intended for a class, to record a visit, or to make use of a library setting as a backdrop is generally permitted, provided that such activity avoids capturing identifiable likenesses of individuals without their permission.
  • Individuals who take photographs or film are obligated to honor requests from library users to not be included in photos or film.
  • All photography is at the discretion of the Access Services Manager of the MIT library or archive in which the photos are being taken.  If the photography is part of a student project, or requires a significant amount of time, contact the library’s Access Services Manager or archive head prior to the photography taking place.
  • In all instances, the MIT Libraries reserve the right to cease photography if it results in the disruption of the library environment.
  • Photos of minors are prohibited without the permission of their parent or guardian.
  • The MIT Libraries accepts no liability for the use of photos or film resulting from this activity.

Commercial or news-related photography by news media or for MIT communications:

  • Individuals or news media requesting permission for commercial or news-related photography in the MIT Libraries should first contact the MIT Libraries Marketing and Communications Officer. The MIT News Office may be contacted directly if the Marketing and Communications Officer is not available.
  • MIT departments requesting permission for filming or photography for communications purposes should contact the MIT Libraries Marketing and Communications Officer and/or the Access Services Manager of the library in which the photos will be taken.
  • The written consent of students, staff, or other individuals whose likenesses will be used in publications or promotional materials (brochures, web sites, etc.) is required. Media release forms (pdf) should be completed prior to the photo session.


April 2016