Upcoming classes & events

October 7, 2015    9am–12pm

Learn the basics of conducting statistical analyses in R

Social sciences

October 7, 2015    1pm–4pm

Learn the basics of conducting statistical analyses in R

Social sciences

October 8, 2015    1pm–4pm

Expand your use of R by learning simple programming techniques

Books on the go!

October 9, 2015    12pm–4pm

The Libraries launch a bookmobile to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

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October 13, 2015    4:30–5:30pm

Learn how to choose the right citation management tool for you

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October 15, 2015    1–2pm

Learn about best practices for managing your data

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October 15, 2015    5–6pm

Composer, MIT Associate Professor of Music

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Connect the Clues! Exploring personal digital archives

October 16, 2015    3–4:30pm

Learn how to explore and manage personal archives in a digital format

Archives & MIT history
Research data management: File organization

October 16, 2015    1–2pm

Don't struggle with organizing your research files any longer!

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Manage your PDFs & citations: Zotero & Mendeley

October 21, 2015    1–2pm

Learn to save citations from websites, store related PDFs or attachments, & quickly build a bibliography

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October 22, 2015    1pm–2pm

Understand the commercial potential for your ideas, how to find partners, & sources for financial support

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Fall Into personal archiving

October 27, 2015    12–1:30pm

Create a personal archiving plan, learn how to deal with digital formats long-term, & more

Archives & MIT history
Letterlocking in Lobby 10

October 27, 2015    10am–12pm

Write a letter to a friend and learn how to letterlock it shut

Archives & MIT history
Intro to GIS

October 29, 2015    1–4pm

Learn the basics of visualizing & analyzing geographic information & creating your own maps

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GIS Level 2

November 3, 2015    1pm–4pm

Expand your knowledge of GIS as you learn how to use several analysis tools


November 13, 2015    9:30am–12:30pm

Learn the basics of the Python programming language


November 20, 2015    9:30am–12:30pm

Learn more in-depth Python programming

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Past classes & events

Furry First Fridays are back

October 2, 2015    2pm–4pm

Come to Hayden and destress with a dog

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Open mic returns!

October 2, 2015    12–1pm

Come play our piano or your own instrument

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Author event: Angles 2015 showcase

October 1, 2015    4:30–6pm

MIT student authors read their essays

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Author event: Patrick Gabridge

September 30, 2015    5:30pm

Playwright, novelist, and MIT alum reads from and discusses his most recent work

Archives & MIT history

September 24, 2015    5–6pm

Composer, producer, performer & film scoring professional

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Author event: Cesar Hidalgo

September 23, 2015    5:30pm

Director of MIT Media Lab's Macro Connections group reads from his new book

Creative Dissent: Arts of the Arab Uprisings

September 17, 2015    5:30

Reception and curator lecture

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Celebrate the Constitution

September 17, 2015    3–4pm

Constitution Day talk and discussion with Professor Warshaw

Social sciences

September 15, 2015    12:00–1:00pm

Brown bag talk with Chaoqun Ni

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