Upcoming classes & events

Come visit us at the fair

September 8, 2015    12:30–3:30pm

The Community Fair that is!

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September 15, 2015    12:00–1:00pm

Brown bag talk with Chaoqun Ni

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Past classes & events

Tim the Beaver shirts are coming…

September 1, 2015    2pm–3:30pm

to Orientation Week's Academic Expo!

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Sources of big data for social sciences

August 18, 2015    12pm–1pm

Brown bag talk with Micah Altman

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July 30, 2015    1pm–2pm

De-mystify the patent literature and learn resources for finding patents

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Confidential research information management

July 29, 2015    1:30pm–4:30pm

Learn about data privacy & information security & strategies for managing confidential information

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Intro to GIS

July 28, 2015    1pm–4pm

Learn the basics of visualizing & analyzing geographic information & creating your own maps

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Manage your PDFs & citations: Zotero & Mendeley

July 22, 2015    1pm–2pm

Learn to save citations from websites, store related PDFs or attachments, & quickly build a bibliography

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EndNote basics

July 22, 2015    4pm–5pm

Learn how to find & use information more effectively with this personal bibliographic software

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Online workshop: Take charge of your stuff

July 16, 2015    5:15pm–6:15pm

Learn how to organize all sorts of information (notes, PDFs, documents, etc.) & work more efficiently

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July 15, 2015    1pm–2pm

Understand the commercial potential for your ideas, how to find partners, & sources for financial support