Find corporate social responsibility data

Looking for corporate social responsibility data?  ASSET4 ESG (“Environmental, Social, and Governance”) provides company-level data on 3,400 public companies…

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Worldwide downloads reflect success of Open Access Policy at fourth anniversary

The MIT Faculty established their Open Access Policy in March, 2009 to support the widest possible dissemination of their research and scholarship. Four years later, their articles are…

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MIT Faculty Open Access Policy’s fourth birthday marks new monthly download peak

The MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, which turns four this month, has hit a new milestone with that birthday: a record 59,284 downloads in a month.

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MIT Faculty Open Access Policy at 4: new appreciative readers from around the world

This month the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy turns four, and its impact is being felt by grateful readers around the world. Downloads have been initiated from nearly every…

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MIT Faculty Open Access Policy: 8,700 papers available to the world

As of March, 2013, the 4th anniversary of MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, over 8,700 papers are being made openly available to the world in relation to…

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Britannica is back!

You asked for it, and we responded – we’re happy to report that the MIT Libraries once again subscribes to…

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Patsy Baudoin and Sands Fish selected for inaugural fellowship program at MIT HyperStudio

Kurt Fendt, Director of HyperStudio, recently announced the nomination of eight fellows to participate…

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Check out the complete listing of IAPril 2013 sessions

All sessions take place in the Digital Instruction Resource Center (DIRC), 14N-132.

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