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Finding a Job: an updated guide to resources is now available

Posted April 14th, 2006 by mit-admin

Need to re-tool your resume, get tips on interviewing, or find information on potential employers? An updated guide to Dewey Library’s resources for job seekers is now available.

Here you’ll find a listing of our latest titles on:

    career planning
    writing your resume
    preparing for your interview
    the job market
    salary surveys
    selected professions

Also see Jobs and Employment in our Virtual Reference Collection for selected career resources on the web.

More CDs for a bunker or desert island

Posted April 14th, 2006 by Christie Moore

Here are more “bunker” compact discs acquired by the Lewis Music Library. They come from the list of suggestions by writer Mike Zwerin of popular and jazz CDs to take into the bunker when King Kong attacks your city, or take to a desert island. Others were listed in a previous blog.