OA research in the news: Medicaid increases visits to the ER

A study coauthored by MIT economics professor Amy Finkelstein shows that newly health-insured adults are more likely to visit emergency rooms than their uninsured peers. The study,…

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Access shipping data–free with Import Genius!

Do you research international trade?  Interested in data on products shipped around the world?  Now MIT has access to


Webinar: Measure change over time with the American Community Survey

Want to research change over time in social and economic trends for states and local areas across the U.S.?  Use…

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Use data in your research and win a prize! Gain experience in data analysis via an internship!

ICPSR Research Paper Competition Using data from the ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) data archive for...

Art & architecture & planning

OA research in the news: Hard math for grade schoolers

After a couple of years of coaching his daughter’s middle-school math team, MIT economist Glenn…

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IMF publications now available online

Study international economics or finance?  Use publications from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?  MIT now has access to all IMF…

Social sciences

OA research in the news: Changes to auditing may help reduce pollution

Economists at MIT have co-authored a study…

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