MIT Environmental Film Festival: Earth Week 2015

Come to one or all of these films during the MIT Environmental Film Festival, part of Earth Week…

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Research data sharing: Amy Finkelstein

Want to better understand the role of health insurance? MIT Professor Amy Finkelstein and her co-authors of the Oregon…


OA research in the news: MIT’s influence on US economics

In his New York Times blog last week, economist and MIT alum Paul Krugman writes about the “triumph” of MIT’s economics department as described in the 2014…

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Learn about country research: Attend a Business Monitor demonstration at MIT

February 25, 2015     2 - 3pm

Do you do research regarding business, industry, economics, or politics in other countries?  Learn how to…

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Reference USA databases of US business and consumer information

InfoGroup’s Reference USA provides basic information on over 25 million businesses and over 270 million consumers in…

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IAP 2015: Finding Information: Search Tools and Strategies

  The MIT Libraries are offering a whole series of classes to help you locate various types of information, from large…


OA research in the news: Waves as scientific & cultural things

This fall, MIT anthropologist Stefan Helmreich gave the prestigious Lewis Henry Morgan Lecture at the University of Rochester….

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Chris Bourg named director of MIT Libraries

Longtime libraries administrator at Stanford tapped to lead MIT’s libraries…