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July 15, 2015     1pm - 2pm

Understand the commercial potential for your ideas, how to find partners, & sources for financial support

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Tips and tricks for advanced SciFinder users

April 17, 2015     11:30am - 1pm

How to do more with your searches

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis training

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis training

April 23, 2015     2:30pm - 5:30pm

Gain a better understanding of the biology underlying a gene expression


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April 16, 2015     1pm - 2pm

Learn about the commercial potential of your ideas


authors@MIT: Max Tegmark

March 17, 2015     5:30pm

Join us as we welcome theoretical physicst and MIT Professor Max Tegmark to celebrate the paperback release of his bestselling book, Our…

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NASA releases Public Access Plan

NASA released its Public Access Plan February 11, 2015, in compliance with the White House Directive. The policy covers both publications and data.

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Public Access Policy released: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality¬† (AHRQ) released its Public Access Policy in February 2015,…

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