authors@MIT: Max Tegmark

March 17, 2015     5:30pm

Join us as we welcome theoretical physicst and MIT Professor Max Tegmark to celebrate the paperback release of his bestselling book, Our…


Open mics for spring: save the dates!

Library music! The Lewis Music Library open mic events are returning on the first Fridays of March, April, and May….

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Live screening of webcast with Noam Chomsky, Jan. 20

Live screening of webcast with Noam Chomsky, Jan. 20

January 20, 2015     12 - 12:45pm

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IAP 2015: Culture, Arts, and Society

The MIT Libraries are offering a diverse range of classes touching on various aspects of culture, art, and society. Check…

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Last Open Mic of the semester Friday, December 5

Library music! First Friday of December = the last open mic of the semester. Here’s your chance to play our…


Chris Bourg named director of MIT Libraries

Longtime libraries administrator at Stanford tapped to lead MIT’s libraries…

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Unboxing the Chomsky Archive

A new website offers a glimpse at a lifetime of work,…

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DJing at a glance: Nov. 4, 11am, Lewis Music Library

DJing at a Glance: The History of Beatmatching with Mmmmaven’s General Motor. About the presenter: General Motor (Gareth Middlebrook) works with all…