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The MIT Libraries run various workshops to help you gain new skills in research data management, including:

  • Data Management: 101: Do you manage research data here at MIT? This workshop provides you with basic strategies to manage research data. Topics include: best practices for retention and archiving, effective directory structures and naming conventions, good file formats for long-term access, data security and backup options, and metadata, tagging, and citation options. Slides from the latest Data Management 101 (pdf).
  • Data Management: Data Management Planning and the DMPTool: Are you required to submit a data management plan (DMP) to a funder? Are you looking to create a data management plan and aren’t sure where to start or what to include? This session will run through the components of a good data management plan and introduce the DMPTool, an online (and MIT-customized) tool for crafting funder-specific data management plans. Slides from the latest Data Management Plans and DMPTool (pdf).
  • Data Management: File Organization: Do you struggle with organizing your research data? This workshop teaches practical techniques for organizing your data files. Topics include: file and folder organizational structures and file naming. Slides from the latest Data Management File Organizations (pdf) plus File Organization Exercise (rtf).
  • Data Management: Strategies for Data Sharing and Storage: Not sure how to publish and share your data? Unclear on the best formats and information to include for optimal data reuse? This workshop will review existing options for long-term storage and strategies for sharing data with other researchers. Topics will include: data publication and citation, persistent identifiers, versioning, data formats and metadata for reuse, repositories, cost models and management strategies. Slides from the latest Strategies for Data Sharing and Storage Slides (pdf) plus Additional Resources (pdf).
  • Data Management: Version Control: Are you or your research group having trouble tracking versions of your datasets? This workshop covers techniques and software to help you manage your versions. Slides from latest RDM: Version Control workshop [pdf] plus version control handout [pdf].

See a schedule of upcoming workshops.