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1894Over the last 150 days, we’ve tried to show what the MIT Libraries collection is really like. We’ve covered just about everything, it seems, from the wonders of electricity to proper computer terminal setups, from children’s books to local history, from the fine arts to physics to outdoor adventure.

Today, marking our present year and the year of the MIT
Sesquicentennial, we want to thank everyone who had a hand in
making this online exhibit possible.1906 - Romance of modern electricity And, of course, we want to thank you, our loyal readers.

150 Years in the Stacks Team:
Michelle Baildon
Patrick Ford
Patrick Olson
Audrey Pearson
Stephen Skuce1916

Additional contributions by:
Patsy Baudoin
Alex Caracuzzo
Chris Donnelly
Kate Gyllensvard
Nora Murphy1947
Michael Noga
Tom Rosko
Ray Schmidt
Andrea Schuler
Mark Szarko

Photography: Patrick Olson1991 and Bexx Caswell
Blog administration: Audrey Pearson
Setup and technical support: Remlee Green
Additional technical support: Darcy Duke
Concept and coordination: Stephen Skuce

1908 - Children reading