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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Open Access Agreement & Workflow

The MIT Libraries has negotiated an innovative open access agreement with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) that allows MIT authors to make ACM articles freely available at no cost to them.

Under the agreement, MIT corresponding authors can make all articles and conference proceedings in the ACM Digital Library open access immediately at no cost to the author. Instead, MIT is paying ACM a single bulk fee to cover both article publication costs and subscription access. Authors who elect open access may select a Creative Commons license for article sharing and reuse.

The pilot agreement runs from January 2020 through December 31, 2022, and applies to manuscripts submitted and articles published during that period.

MIT faculty and students also continue to receive unlimited and unrestricted access to all content (open access and paywalled) in the ACM Digital Library.

Workflow for making papers open access on the ACM site

  • Upon acceptance of a journal article or conference paper, you will receive an email that says, “We are pleased to inform you that MIT Libraries has an agreement with ACM under which all affiliated corresponding authors can make their articles Open Access at no additional cost.”
  • The email includes a link to the eRights form on the ACM website, where the default choice is “Institutionally Paid Open Access / Permissions Release.” This means that “Authors who wish to retain all rights to their work can choose ACM’s non-exclusive permission to publish where you will have an option to display a Creative Commons license on your work in the ACM Digital Library.” (You can opt out of the open access arrangement and publish behind a paywall by selecting another option.)
  • Below the rights options you can choose a Creative Commons license. The default is currently CC-BY, or Creative Commons Attribution. You can select a different CC license. For more information on the license types, see this Creative Commons page.
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