Learn about Protein Sequence Analysis tools

Learn how to find information in bioinformatics in this hands-on session. Attendees should have a basic familiarity with the life sciences but limited exposure to bioinformatics. The session will consist of a 1-hour lecture followed by a 1-hour hands-on exercise.

Presented by Charlie Whittaker, Research Scientist, MIT Center for Cancer Research.

Introduction to Protein Sequence Analysis
Thursday, November 17: 1-3pm
14N-132: Digital Instruction Resource Center

Learn how to obtain protein sequences from a variety of sources, perform multiple alignments, phylogenetic analysis and domain/motif analysis. In addition, instruction on obtaining and interpreting gene ontology annotations will be provided.

Advance registration is required. Please register by emailing elworthi@mit.edu.

Sponsored by the MIT Science Library.

Also recommended: Introduction to Genome Sequence Analysis – November 15, 1-3pm