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"Inventions of Note" Sheet Music Collection

Selected Titles from Other Collections

The following is a list of other turn-of-the-century sheet music releated to technology. These pieces are linked courtesy of the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music at Johns Hopkins University.

TOPICS: Airplanes | Automobiles | Bicycles | Clocks | Fire Engines | Mills | Oil | Telephones | Trains


The Aeroplane Rag
The Airship Parade (March and Two-Step)
A Balloon Honeymoon
Cervera and His Flying Squadron (Solo and Chorus)
Flight of the AirShip. (Intermezzo)
Flying Along (A Fox Trot Song)
Flying Around the Stars
I Was Aviating Around
Kelly's Gone to Kingdom Come
My Little Loving Aero Man
It's a Long Lane That Has No Turning
Papa, Please Buy Me an Airship
Send It Up A Little Higher, Joe
The Song of the Aeroplane, or, The Flying Machine
Take Me Up With You Dearie
Try Loving in an Aeroplane
Up in a Balloon (Ethiopian Comic Song)
Up in My Flying Machine
Won't You Come Up and Spoon in Coey's Balloon ("Chicago" Waltz Song)

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The Auto-Mo-Billie-Beel. (A Song of the Motor Car)
The Auto's the Pleasure for Me
The Automobile Honeymoon
Car Song
Cole 30 Flyer
Don't Take Advantage (Of My Good Nature). (The Great Automobile Song)
The Ebony Flyer (Characteristic March and Two-Step)
The Ford. March Two-Step
From Earth to Mar [sic] in a Jackson Car.
The Girl on the Automobile
Git A Horse!
Hurrah For My Hansom Car
I Didn't Raise My Ford to be a Jitney
I've Got a White Man Running My Automobile
In An Auto Car
In An Automobile Built for Two
In My Automobile
In My Mercer Racing Car
In My Rickenbacker Car (Cracker Jacker Rickenbacker)
In Our Little Lovemobile. (Auto Waltz Song)
Just Come Aroun' Wid an Automobile. (A Bullyvarde Declaration)
The Little Chauffeur
The Little Ford Rambled Right Along (Greatest Comedy Song Sensation)
The Love Story of the Packard and the Ford. (Comic Song)
Mr. Ford, You've Got the Right Idea
Mister Whitney's Little Jitney Bus (Song)
Oh That Auto Glide (novelty Song & Chorus)
On an Old Fashioned Buggy Ride. (Song)
On the Old Back Seat of the Henry Ford. (Comic Song)
Out in an Automobile
Otto, You Ought to Take Me in Your Auto
The Overland Success Grand March
The Peerless (1) March and (2) Song
A Ride in a Jitney For Mine
Russell's Celebrity Edition. Driving Out in a Coupe
Say, Young Feller
She Was a Respectable Lady
Take a Car
Take Me Out in a Velie Car
Toot Your Horn, Kid, You're In a Fog
Will You Take a Ride in My Automobile
You're a Good Old Car (But You Can't Climb Hills)

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Angel Grace (and the Crimson Rim Syracuse)
The Bicycle Girl
Bicycle Glide
The Bike(Intermezzo)
Chicago Cycling Club March
The Cycle King
Get Your Lamps Lit! The Hit of the Season!
He's Got a Wheel!
Joe Murphy's Exciting Song. Velocipede
Omaha, Turner Wheel Club March
The Pretty Bicycle Girl
Since Katie Rides a Wheel
Star Bicycle Galop
The Star Rider
Wheeling Wheeling, or, Love A-Wheel
The Yellow Fellow. Two-Step

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The Belle of Brittany - The Girl With the Clock
Grand-Father's Clock (Song and Chorus)
The Latest Success! The Clock on the Wall, or, Make You Hay While the Sun Shines
The Life Clock Song
The Musical Clock Waltz
Oh! The Old, Old Clock
The Old Clock on the Stairs
The Old Kitchen Clock
Quarter to One, or, Look at the Clock, Darling!
Sequel to Grand Father's Clock
When the Clock in the Tower Strikes Twelve
When the Clock Strikes Nine

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Fire Engines and Firefighters

The Billow of Fire
Boston Fire Alarm Galop
The Burning of the Windsor Hotel. A Great Fire Song
Cataract Quick Step
The Citizen Waltz
Diligent Polka
Fire and Flame (Feurer und Flamme)
Fire Fiend. A Descriptive Fantaisie on the Burning of the Lindell Hotel
Fire! Fire! Fire! Descriptive Song
The Fire in the Garte
The Fireman's Call
The Fire Master. March Two-Step
The Firemen's Polka
Good Intent Hose. Quick Step
Grand March
Hook & Ladder Quick Step
The Man Who Fights the Fire
The Midnight Fire Alarm
The Milwaukee, or, The Fire. Burning of the Newhall House
My Johnnie in the Fire Brigade
My Ragtime Fireman
New York Fire Dept
Passing Through the Fire. Song and Chorus
Phelim O'Toole. Southern Hotel Fire Hero
The Third Alarm
Tivoli Quick Step
Zephyr Quick Step

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The Ashland Quadrilles (I) The Mill Boy; (II) The Farmer; (III) The Senator; ( IV) The Patriot; (V) The Kentucky Gentleman.
Daisy Allen, or, Beyond the Saw Mill.
Down By the Old Mill Stream.
Heart Melodies. A New Set of Songs. Mill May.
The Legend of the Mill.
Little Jenny Dow. Ballad.
The Maid of the Mill. Song.
Mill Bank Mazurka.
The Millers Song.
The Miller's Will.
The Old Grist Mill.
The Old Mill Ballad
The Old Mill Wheel.
The Old School-House Down By the Mill
The Old Water Mill. A Ballad.
A Penny For Your Thoughts.
The Water Mill.
Winsome Winnie of the Mill

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Oil and Oil Lamps

Arch Street Theatre
Cheer Up Father, Cheer Up Mother
Crazy on Oil
Famous Oil Firms
I'm Knitting a Rosary
I've Struck Ile
Oil on the Brain
Petroleum Court Dance
Petroleum Galop
Petroleum, Petroleum, or, Oil Upon the Brain.
Standard Oil.
Trim the Lamp

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Camp Greenleaf March
Dream City. The Magic Knight. Love By Telephone
Harry Von Tilzer's Great Telephone Song, All Alone
Hello America Hello
Hello Central Give Me Heaven
Hello Central! Give Me No Man's Land
Hello Ma Baby
Kissing Papa Through the Telephone. Song and Refrain
The Kiss Through the Telephone
Please, Miss Central, Find My Mamma
Ring Me Up Heaven, Please Central
Ring Ting-A-Ling
Selection from The Telephone Girl
Telephone in de Air
That Telegraph Rag. A Song You'll Remember
The Wondrous Telephone
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Trains and Trolleys

All Aboard for Sleepy Land
The Baby On The Train: A Story Of Actual Occurrence
Brooklyn Daily Eagle Bridge Crush March (Descriptive)
The Buffalo Flyer (March and Two-Step)
The Charming Young Widow I Met In The Train
The Choo Choo Car (Ballad)
The Choo Choo Man (Waltz Song)
Conductor Man
The Conductor's Song (Or, The Maiden on the Car)
Dans Le Train D'8:20 [French]
(Did You Ever Have a Ride) On a New Trolley Car
Down in the Subway
Follow the Car Tracks
"Get Off The Track!" (A Song for Emancipation)
The Girl I Met on the Car
Hold Dat Train!
Hold Fast! The Only Trolley Car Song
Homeward Bound
I Guess I'll Soon Be Back In Dixieland. Hear the Whistle. Hear the Bell. (Son g. Fox-Trot)
Guess I'll Take The Train Back Home [+ 1page song]
I'll Be Your Own
I'm Afraid Pretty Maid I'm Afraid
I'm Going Back to Carolina
I'm Going Back To Dixie
In The Baggage-Coach Ahead
The Irish Conductor (Or, Rules On A Railway Train)
I Saw it in the BRT
It's A Long Way Back To The Station (Toot! Toot! There Goes My Train)
I've Got the Travelling Choo-Choo Blues [Includes male quartet arrangement]
I Want To Be In Dixie
The "Katy Flyer"
Let's Wait For The Last Train Home
Major Train's Quick Step [instrumental]
Mama Can't Pray for Us Now
The Midnight Flyer (March and Two-Step)
M.M. (Master Mechanics) and M.C.B. (Master Car Builders) March Two-Step
Move Over [no cover]
My Charlie. He's a Rail-road Boy
On the 5.15
The Patent Rail Way Punch (Song & Chorus)
The Pleasure Train Polka
Porters On A Pullman Train
Pullman Car (Song)
Pullman Porter Man (Song)
Pullman Porter's Parade
Put Me Off At Buffalo (A Rapid Transit Hit) [last page scrambled]
The Railroad Conductors
Rapid Transit Galop [sic]
Riding on a Street Car (Compositions of Edw. N. Catlin)
Riding on the Dummy (Song and Chorus)
Riding on the Rail (from St. Nicolas Songs)
Safety First
San Francisco Bound
Seeing Denver (Song and Chorus)
So Long, Mary [no cover]
The Song of the Car Bell (The Musical Car Line)
Song of the Rail
Stop Dat Car (Carroll Johnson's Songs. No.5)
Ta, Ta, Au Revoir (Choo! Choo!) I'm Goin' To Go. Lew Dockstader's Cyclonic Hit
Take a Car
That's Why Lots Of People Marry (The Girl in the Train)
There's Lots Of Stations On My Railroad Track [incomplete]
The Three Last Seats for Smokers
The Top O' Th' World. Side by Side. A Tale of Two Shoes
The Tourists in a Pullman Car (Song and Chorus)
The Town at the End of the Line
The Train
Train D'Enfer (Galop Pour Piano)
Train Eclair [piano solo, with coda]
The Train For Poppy-land
The Train Was Saved
A Trip To Niagara
The Trolley Car
The Trolley Car Swing (Song)
Trolley Polka
V'la L'Train Qui Passe [French]
Wabash March And Two Step [instrumental]
Waiting For The Train
The Western Flyer (March and Two-Step)
When do We Get to the Tunnel? (Song and Waltz Chorus)
When I Rode on the Choo Choo Cars
When They Go Through A Tunnel
The Whip (March And Two Step) [instrumental]
Will. H. Bray's Admired Songs. No. 2 Pretty Charming Lillian (Song & Dance)

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