New interviews

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Peter Child

Professor of Music has taught at MIT since 1986. An acclaimed composer of orchestral, choral and chamber music. Interview date 5/4/2018


John Harbison

MIT University Professor. Internationally regarded composer. His output includes operas, symphonies, concertos, chamber music, songs and choral works, receiving performances by many premiere musical institutions. He began teaching at MIT in 1969 An accomplished jazz pianist, he was founder and director of the MIT vocal Jazz Ensemble 2011-2015. Interview dates 2/8/2019 and 3/29/19


Ellen T. Harris

Class of 1949 Professor Emeritus at MIT, a musicologist whose work focuses on Handel, Baroque opera, and vocal performance practice. Came to MIT in 1989, serving as the first Associate Provost for the Arts until 1995. Interview date 6/18/2018


Mark S. Harvey

Senior Lecturer in Music at MIT. Acclaimed composer, trumpet player, founder and director of the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. In 2013, was honored by Jazz Boston for major contributions to the Boston-Cambridge jazz scene. Has taught jazz courses at MIT since 1981. Interview date 12/20/2017


Lowell Lindgren

MIT Professor of Music Emeritus, came to MIT in 1979 and retired in 2013. His research has focused on Baroque music in London and Rome. Particularly noteworthy is his work on Italian opera in London during the 17th and 18th Century. Interview dates 10/27/2016 and 1/25/2017


Elena Ruehr

Lecturer in Music at MIT since 1991, composer. She has written orchestral and chamber music, operas and other vocal music, which has been performed and recorded by leading musicians and ensembles. Interview date 12/14/2016


Patricia Tang

Associate Professor of Music at MIT . Founder and co-director of Rambax, MIT’s Senegalese drum ensemble. As a violinist, she has performed and recorded with African artists Nder et le Setsima Group, Positive Black Soul, Balla Tounkara, Balla Kouyate and Lamine TourĂ© & Group Saloum. Interview date 11/28/2018


Marcus Thompson

Distinguished violist, active throughout the world both as a soloist and chamber musician, came to MIT in 1973, and in 2015 was appointed Institute Professor. Founder of the MIT Chamber Music Society, and the private study program. He is a member of the viola faculty at the New England Conservatory of Music, and artistic director of the Boston Chamber Music Society. Interview date 10/26/2017