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Department of Economics

Heads of the program and department

Davis R. Dewey 1893-1933
Ralph Evans Freeman 1933-1958
Robert Lyle Bishop 1958-1964
Edgar Cary Brown 1964-1982
Ann F. Friedlaender 1983-1984
Edgar Cary Brown 1984, Acting Head
Peter Arthur Diamond 1985-1987
Richard Samuel Eckaus 1987-1990
Peter Temin 1990-1993
Stanley Fischer 1993-1994
Paul Joskow 1994-1998
Olivier Blanchard 1998-2003
Bengt Holmstrom 2003-2006
James Poterba 2006-2008
Ricardo J. Caballero 2008-2011
Whitney Newey 2011-2016
Glenn Ellison 2016-2017
Nancy L. Rose 2017-

Until 1903, classes in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were taught as part of Course IX, General Studies. In 1903 the Department of Economics, Statistics and Political Science was established; in 1907 it became the Department of Economics and Statistics, and Political Science became part of the Department of History and Political Science. In 1934 the Department of Economics and Statistics became the Department of Economics and Social Science, and in 1965 it became the Department of Economics.

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