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Department of Chemical Engineering

Heads of the Department of Chemical Engineering

Warren K. Lewis 1920-1929
William P. Ryan 1929-1933
Walter Whitman 1933-1961
Edwin R. Gilliland 1961-1969
Raymond F. Baddour 1969-1976
Kenneth A. Smith 1976-1977, Acting Head
James Wei 1977-1989
Robert A. Brown 1989-1996
Robert C. Armstrong 1996-2007
Klavs Jensen 2007-2015
Paula T. Hammond 2015-

In 1888 Lewis Mills Norton established a program in chemical engineering, Course X, in the Department of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which eventually became the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In July 1920 Chemical Engineering became a separate department.

The School of Chemical Engineering Practice was established in 1916 to provide students with practical experience in industrial facilities. MIT practice stations were established at industrial plants where students worked on projects but remained under the supervision of the MIT resident staff and director. Since its founding, the practice school has operated about twenty stations.

In 1951 a division of nuclear engineering was established in the Department of Chemical Engineering. This division became the Department of Nuclear Engineering in 1958.

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