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MIT History Haiku

The haiku poetry form follows the 5/7/5 meter.

Here are some haikus created by staff of the MIT Institute Archives & Special Collections:

MIT Then and Now


The dome’s reflection
Harkens to earlier time
Back Bay to Cambridge

A technical school
William Barton Rogers felt
Yields innovation

Cleofan women
Established relationships
Found strength in union

Stroboscopic studies –
Frequent flashes formed freeze frames
Doc made applesauce

To 2011

Bituminous coal
Whispered in a death rattle
His last words…perhaps

Ellen Swallow was
the first woman graduate
of the Institute
Building on campus
Numbering does not make sense
I will need a map
We’re an institute
Not a university
Crucial distinction
Boston and Cambridge
Always building everywhere
MIT growing
MIT’s first map
Done digital in July
PhD theses
for pioneering research
and discovery
Julius Stratton
Leader beyond MIT
Nation and the sea
James Killian think
“threes”: “M-I-T” “P-B-S”
and “Ike” in DC
My mind may be gone
And my hands may grow weak but
Mind and hand goes on
Thanks, Emma Rogers
For saving William’s papers
We’re still reading them
In Boston’s Back Bay
Students studied principles
In labs learned by hand
Winter wonderland
Blizzard of seventy-eight
Tim stands in the mud
One Alfred P. Sloan
Namesake of the business school
Course six graduate
In E52
Lever ran a soap business
Now home to Sloanies

We’ll be adding more throughout the MIT150 celebration. If you have an MIT history haiku, please send it to, subject line “MIT History Haiku”. Happy 150th!