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MIT 150 Puzzle #1


  • Each answer will have a phrase in common with another answer; pair the two answers and order them by the sum of the two clue numbers (there should be 11 pairs of answers).
  • Remove the common phrase from each pair of answers.
  • Find the most common letter in the remaining answer words.
  • Read these letters in order to find the 11-letter answer.


  1. The Mid-Century Convocation at MIT, 1949
    New government agencies, the Atomic Energy Commission and the _______ became major sponsors of research on campus.
  2. MIT’s Rare and “Special” Books: De re metallica
    De re metallica
    , a treatise by Agricola (1490-1555) on mining and smelting, is a _______ considered by many to be the foundation upon which the science of metallurgy has been built.
  3. Photograph, Wachusett Dam Construction
    The bulk of Crosby’s papers consists of correspondence and _______ in New England, New York, Colorado, Alaska, and other U.S. locations.
  4. Blashfield Murals in Walker Memorial
    His other commissions _______.
  5. Alumni Petition Opposing MIT-Harvard Merger, 1904-05
    Arguments in favor of the merger emphasized the redundancy of having two competing schools of engineering and applied science in the same area and suggested that MIT students could benefit from the _______ and humanistic perspectives available at Harvard.
  6. Inaugural Addresses of MIT Presidents: Howard Wesley Johnson
    For it was here, three centuries ago and more, that there began in Cambridge at Harvard the American _______ in education.
  7. Beacon of Progress, 1900
    They are themselves monuments to the spirit of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century science, which saw no limits to the heights to _______ us.
  8. Greetings on the Occasion of MIT’s Centennial in 1961
    The highlights of Centennial Week included a closed conference on _______ by about 100 international scholars, and two days of panel discussions open to alumni and other visitors.
  9. Drawing from The Log of the Dorian, 1878-1879
    The shrine that housed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence at _______ to his plans.
  10. Inaugural Addresses of MIT Presidents: Charles Marstiller Vest
    Ironically, many of the _______ that so enhance human comfort and well being—advances in transportation, energy, and agriculture—concurrently pose threats to our biosphere.
  11. Historical Patent Records from the Blatchford, Seward & Griswold Collection (1841-1910)
    which was composed of faculty members, recommended the creation of an administrative Patent Management Committee.
  12. Diary of Robert Hallowell Richards, 1873
    In these beginning years of MIT, there was still much discussion _______.
  13. Stained Glass Design from the Gaffield Collection, 1885
    He also collected books about glass-making _______.
  14. Project Whirlwind, 1940s & 1950s
    The development of Whirlwind I, one of the first large-scale _______ as part of a research project to design a universal flight trainer that would simulate flight (the Aircraft Stability and Control Analyzer Project).
  15. Alumni Petition Opposing MIT-Harvard Merger, 1904-05
    George Weld (Class of 1890), who had also been an undergraduate at Harvard, asserted that the standards at the two schools were quite different and that if MIT were “close to the easy-going atmosphere of Harvard, its present _______ inevitably deteriorate, [explaining that] Harvard sets high standards…but cannot enforce them.”
  16. Inaugural Addresses of MIT Presidents: Richard Cockburn Maclaurin
    We need such broad men as professors on our staff for the reason that I have indicated and because of the incalculable value of breadth of view and freedom from prejudice to the leader _______.
  17. MIT Seal, adopted 1864
    “…the interests of Commerce and the Arts, as well as of General Education, call for the most earnest co-operation of _______.”
  18. Project Whirlwind, 1940s & 1950s
    Initiated by the _______ at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Servomechanisms Laboratory in 1944.
  19. MIT at the World’s Fair, 1893
    The apparent purpose of all the colleges was to show as fully as possible the educational facilities afforded by them and to give the investigator an _______.
  20. Resource for Energy Research: The Peter E. Glaser Papers, 1944-2000
    He spent much of his career at Arthur D. Little, working _______ from aerospace to materials science to solar energy.
  21. The Mid-Century Convocation at MIT, 1949
    Thousands of MIT alumni/ae, along with members of the Institute administration, faculty, students, and guests from education, industry, and government invited by the MIT Corporation, paused for three days in 1949 to appraise the state of the post-war world, to consider the progress of scientific enterprise, and to ponder the future role of MIT as _______.
  22. Inaugural Addresses of MIT Presidents: Jerome Bert Wiesner
    The project laboratory, the seminars, the undergraduate research involvement, the Experimental Studies Group, the Unified Science Studies Program—all add new dimensions to _______.

Puzzle #1 – Answers