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Ernest Fox Nichols, 1869-1924

Ernest F. NicholsErnest Fox Nichols, 1869-1924, B.S., Kansas Agricultural College, 1888; M.S., Cornell University, 1893; D.Sc., Cornell University, 1897, was president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during 1921 and 1922. He was too ill from heart disease during his brief tenure to enter actively into his responsibilities.

Nichols was a professor of physics at Colgate College (1892-1898), Dartmouth College (1898-1903), Yale University (1916), and Columbia University (1903-1916). He was president of Dartmouth from 1909-1916. His special area of expertise was wave radiation.

Prepared by the Institute Archives, MIT Libraries
October 2004

History of the Office of the MIT President