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Office of the Chair of the MIT Corporation

Chair of the Corporation

Samuel Wesley Stratton 1930-1931
Karl Taylor Compton 1948-1954
Vannevar Bush 1957-1959
James Rhyne Killian 1959-1971
Howard W. Johnson 1971-1983
David Saxon 1983-1990
Paul E. Gray 1990-1997
Alexander V. d’Arbeloff 1997-2003
Dana G. Mead 2003-2010
John S. Reed 2010-2014
Robert B. Millard 2014-2020
Diane B. Greene 2020-

The governing body of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a board of trustees known as the Corporation, over which the chair presides. Corporation members include approximately seventy-five distinguished leaders in science, engineering, industry, education, and public service. The MIT Corporation consists of life members, term members, five persons nominated by recently graduated classes, and (ex officio) the chair, president, treasurer, and secretary of the Corporation. Three representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the president of the MIT Alumni Association also serve as ex officio members of the Corporation. Between quarterly meetings, the Corporation functions through its officers and its Executive Committee.

Although the Corporation of MIT has functioned since the Institute was incorporated in 1861, the first chair of the Corporation was not appointed until 1930. Until that time the president of MIT presided over the Corporation meetings.

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