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MIT Faculty Study Group on the International Relations of MIT

In 1990 the Faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology established a study group on the international relations of MIT to advise the Institute’s administration and faculty on the principles that should guide MIT’s international relations in the future and to suggest any modifications in policies or activities that should be considered. The need for such a committee arose out of an international environment in which there was intense economic competition between nations, and the growing relevance of scientific and technological competitiveness to the economic health of the United States, to MIT’s place among research universities, its relation to science and technology abroad, and its long-standing commitment to transfer knowledge. Eugene Skolnikoff, professor of political science, chaired the committee of eleven faculty members. The final report, The International Relationships of MIT in a Technologically Competitive World, was issued in May 1991.

Prepared by the Institute Archives, MIT Libraries
October 1995