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Notable Persons

This list of “Notable Persons” is only a sampling of the remarkable people who have been associated with MIT. An outstanding faculty and staff and a diverse community of students and scholars from around the globe continue to make significant contributions toward solving the world’s problems.

  • Harold Eugene (“Doc”) Edgerton
    [Professor of Electrical Engineering, inventor of stop action and multi-flash photography using stroboscopic technology, nighttime aerial photography, underwater photography]
  • John Ripley Freeman
    [S.B. MIT 1876, internationally known hydraulics engineer who served as a consultant on water power, river control, water supply, and allied problems of hydraulic engineering]
  • Lois Lilley Howe, Eleanor Manning O’Connor, and Mary Almy
    MIT alumnae; principals in the firm of Howe, Manning & Almy, Inc., believed to be the first architectural firm in Boston founded by women and the second in the United States]
  • Arthur D. Little
    [attended MIT 1881-1884; founder of Arthur D. Little, Inc., an international consulting firm]
  • Katharine Dexter McCormick
    [S.B. MIT 1904; pioneer of the women’s suffrage and birth control movements, MIT benefactor]
  • Ellen Swallow Richards
    [S.B. MIT 1873; first woman admitted to MIT]
  • William Barton Rogers
    [Founder and first President of MIT]
  • Francis O. Schmitt
    [Professor of Biology; founder of Neurosciences Research Program]
  • Robert Robinson Taylor
    [S.B. MIT 1892; first black student admitted to MIT]
  • Norbert Wiener
    [World renowned mathematician who was instrumental in the development of communication and control theories. He coined the word “cybernetics” to describe this new science.]
  • MIT’s first Ph.D.s
  • Signers of the 11 January 1861 “Act of Association.” 37 men signed the Act to indicate their approval of the plan for the Institute.