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Community / Life@MIT

Presidents Presidential papers in the Institute Archives Inaugural addresses of the Presidents Writings by and about the Presidents William Barton Rogers Notable Persons Ellen Swallow Richards Harold Eugene “Doc” Edgerton Robert Robinson Taylor More notable faculty, students, staff, & alumni… Arts Blashfield Murals in Walker Memorial MIT Tech Show Art Work MIT Libraries Maihaugen Gallery […]


Initiatives and Impact

Energy, Environment, Cancer Report of the Energy Research Council, 2006 The Perceptual Form of the City, 1954-1959 Workshop on Alternative Energy Strategies, 1974-1977 More… Diversity Blacks at MIT History Project Diversity Leadership Congress, 2008 More… Public Service (National and Global) Karl T. Compton James R. Killian Sheila Widnall More…


The Institute

Administrative Offices Office of the Chair of the Corporation Office of the President Office of the Chancellor More… Committees, Councils, and Associations Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects Committee on Educational Survey (Lewis Committee) Faculty Study Group on the International Relations of MIT More… Campus, Maps, and Buildings Early Maps of MIT […]


Fun MIT History

Looking back at  MIT150 150 Years in the Stacks MIT in Popular Culture MIT 150 Puzzle Community-submitted haikus Challenge yourself: Try your hand at two early MIT entrance exams: 1869-70 | 1876 Listen to MIT-related music: Tech Songs, 1903: Listen | About Tech Songs MIT Music Fun maps of MIT: Cartoon Map of MIT Campus: […]