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Thank you for contacting Distinctive Collections. We will respond to your question as we can.

You will receive a copy of your request via email.
(If you don’t receive a copy, it’s possible that your request didn’t go through. In that case, please fill out the form again, or send email to

Please note:

  • Our first priority is to answer questions from members of the MIT community.
  • Other questions are answered in the order in which we receive them.
  • Our reference staff is limited to spending one-half hour per patron to answer brief factual questions or provide information about our collections. We regret that we are unable to do research for patrons outside the MIT community.
  • We have prepared a list of other sources that might help you in your research. See also Genealogical Research in the Institute Archives.
  • You are encouraged to visit Distinctive Collections to explore our collections. Check our website for our location and hours.
    • Most of our collections are stored off site and should be ordered by noon a week before your planned visit. Delivery is sometimes delayed by inclement weather.
    • Many of our collections have restrictions on access because they are unprocessed, or due to MIT access policies or restrictive donor agreements.

Please address follow-up correspondence to, rather than to individual staff members, who may be away from the office.