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Barton account request

    To request an account on Barton, please fill out this form. Note that only certain staff are authorized to request Barton permissions. The staff authorized to make requests depends on the group of permissions being sought. Your supervisor will fill out this form on your behalf.

    Who are you?

    Who is this account for?

    Hiring casual help? Get them a temporary MIT account first


    Account change

    New account (specify permissions below)Modify the permissions (specify below)Give this account a new passwordDeactivate this accountReactivate this account

    For new or modified accounts, please identify a person who already has permissions similar to those you are requesting.
    What permissions are needed?

    Specify only one group of permissions. If the user seems to need more than one group, we may need to create a new proxy. Please use "special circumstances" below to explain.
    AcquisitionsBranch StaffCataloging StaffCirculation StaffOPAC OnlyProcessingSubject Specialists

    Acquisitions Staff
    Tangibles (may only select one): Tangibles staff (acq_tang)Tangibles student (ma_sa_stud)Tangibles supervisor (ma_supervisor)
    E-resources (may only select one): E-resources staff (acq_eres)E-resources student (ma_sa_stud)E-resources supervisor (sa_super)
    Admin (may only select one): Fund maintenance (Admin) (fiscal_mgr)Invoice authorization(Admin) (invoice)
    Acquisitions budget access
    Expend (invoices) only. No Encumbrance (add budget to order) (acq_no_enc)Encumber (ordering) and Expend (invoicing) (acq_encexp)
    Branch staff
    Staff/Librarian (branch_sta)Student (stud_branc)
    Cataloging staff
    Cataloging staff (ca_staff)Cataloging student (stud_bas)
    Circulation staff
    Student (stud_cir)Staff (cir_staff)Supervisor (cir_super)
    OPAC only
    OPAC staff client only (opac_disp)
    Processing staff. Generally not used, exceptions include LSA, Archives staff. (proc_staff)Processing student (dewpro_stu)
    Subject specialists
    Standard display access (subj_sel)Plus circulation (subj_sel w/ circ.)
    Special Circumstances