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Documenting MIT Community Experiences during COVID-19

The MIT Libraries’ Department of Distinctive Collections collects and preserves the past and present of the Institute and our community for the future. In this extraordinary moment, we are working to document the MIT community’s experiences, reactions, and responses to the changes in our community and world brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite students, staff, faculty, researchers, alumni/ae, and other MIT community members to contribute materials that will help document the diverse experiences of this time for our community.

Your story is unique, your memories matter, and your experiences are an important part of our shared history.

All members of the MIT community are invited and encouraged to participate. Materials will be preserved and made available as part of the historical record in the MIT ArchivesSpace MITstory COVID-19 collection, which will contribute to our understanding of and research about this time for years to come.

How to participate

We welcome submissions of all forms of personal reflections and first-hand accounts, this can range from direct observations to artistic reflection.


An alternate MIT Seal reflecting social distancing. CC-BY Greg Wymer for the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, March 26, 2020.

Forms of submissions could include:

  • handwritten or typed documents
  • audio or video recordings
  • diaries, journals, or scrapbooks
  • poetry, drawings, photography, or music.

Topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • the switch to remote learning or remote work
  • quickly moving off-campus and the cancellation of graduation and end-of-the-year events
  • impact on projects or research, including new efforts you’ve started related to the coronavirus

How to submit

          1. Complete our submission form to tell us about yourself and the material you’d like to contribute to the collection.
            • If we believe there are preservation, copyright, or privacy concerns, we may not be able to accept the materials.  Contact us if you have something that may fall into those categories.
          2. When completing the form, agree to the terms and conditions of the Submission Agreement.
            • Your agreement grants permission to MIT to add your materials to the DDC collections and make them available for future users.
            • If you would prefer to have your materials restricted for a period of time, please let us know. We hope to create a broadly open and accessible collection but are happy to work with you.
          3. Once we receive your agreement we will send you instructions for submitting your material to the collection. Upload your material, if digital. Send it to us, if physical, following the instructions you will receive from our staff.
          4. Your material becomes part of the collective story of MIT and COVID-19.