Visualizing PAIMAS and OAIS

PAIMAS OAIS flowPart of the work with implementing a digital archives program is being transparent within the organization and also to external stakeholders. This diagram attempts to convey the PAIMAS and OAIS functions and responsibilities of the Producer and the Archives.  In this case, I am focused on the tasks with which the Institute Archives and Special Collections department are primarily engaged.

My goal with this diagram is to illustrate the relationships, obligations, and responsibilities between the Producer and the Archives at Ingest.  Concluding the data flow through to archival storage and generate dissemination packages helps to show the full picture.

Those familiar with the Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS) and the Producer-Archives Interface Methodology Abstract Standard (PAIMAS) will note that not all of the OAIS functional areas are included. Notably missing are Common Services, Administration, and Preservation Planning as fully developed entities.  These functions at MIT Libraries are primarily managed and coordinated by the Curation and Preservation Services department, headed by Nancy Y. McGovern.

This diagram builds on and is a top-level overlay to the workflow diagrams posted previously to this blog.


About Kari R. Smith

Kari is Digital Archivist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Libraries. She is also a senior instructor of the Digital Preservation Management Workshops series.
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