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Personal Digital Archiving

The past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about personal digital archiving and how to talk about it to non-archivists. For Preservation Week, the MIT Libraries hosted the ALCTS webinar by Mike Ashenfelder.  I provided a Question and Answer session for local attendees.

While Mike’s presentation focused on digital images and digitizing to digital image files, I took a broader tack and talked about records management in context of personal files and as the lead into personal archiving.  Presenting at MIT Libraries is interesting because we get a variety of attendees – Librarians, Institute staff, faculty, graduate students, and general public.  There are many good resources if you are interested in knowing more about personal digital archiving to include information about digitization, description, deciding what to keep, and how to best store and protect your digital content for the long-term.

Some Resources for Managing Digital Material and Personal Digital Archiving