FIDO Glossary of Terms

As I was looking for information via a Google search I had a happy instance of serendipity and one of the returned hits was to the FIDO project.  The document that I was specifically looking at is v1 of a Forensic – Archival Glossary that maps forensic tools, tasks, and processes to the most similar archival ones.  In addition to the mapping, the glossary notes what’s similar and what’s different in the usages of terms.  Looks to be a great resource for talking about digital forensic work with our colleagues.

If the FIDO project is new to you, the first line from their project About page notes, “The Forensic Investigation of Digital Objects (FIDO) project aims to investigate the application of digital forensics within the working practices of a UK HE archive.”  Located at Kings College London with funding from JISC.

About Kari R. Smith

Kari is Digital Archivist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Libraries. She is also a senior instructor of the Digital Preservation Management Workshops series.
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