Engineering Digital Sustainability

A new initiative at the MIT Libraries that the Institute Archives is a partner in with Curation and Preservation Services is the Digital Sustainability Lab. The DS Lab is a physical space in which hardware, software, and workflows are investigated through experimentation and testing to provide the MIT Libraries and the digital archives, digital curation, and digital preservation communities with assessments and workflow tests.  Our first two events of the Digital Sustainability Lab were:

    • Bit Curator and Digital Forensics lab set-up and training with Cal Lee and Kam Woods, UNC Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science and the BitCurator Project.  during their two days at MIT Libraries, Cal and Kam gave an open presentation to MIT Library staff and joined by colleagues from Harvard University and Tufts University.
    • Remote installation and configuration of the open-source digital preservation system software Archivematica 1.1 and 1.2 along with Access to Memory 2.0, by Artefacutal staff supported locally by MIT Library ITS staff.

Nancy McGovern discusses the Digital Sustainability Lab with Kam Woods and Cal Lee.

Kari Smith with Kam Woods and Cal Lee look inside the F.R.E.D. computer.

Kari Smith with Kam Woods and Cal Lee look inside the F.R.E.D. computer.

About Kari R. Smith

Kari is Digital Archivist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Libraries. She is also a senior instructor of the Digital Preservation Management Workshops series.
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