Digital Archives Ecosystem Evolves

We have been continuing our efforts for addressing the evolving MIT Libraries infrastructure, our archival content, and tools that have been further developed.  Two areas that we’ve been recently engaged with are Web archiving and email archiving and so have updated this diagram to note tools that we are assessing and thinking about how tools might plug into the overall ecosystem for digital archives.

Diagram of MIT Digital Archives ecosystem.

MIT Digital Archives ecosystem diagramming storage areas, software tools, roles, and tasks. 2016 February. Licensed under CC-BY-NC MIT Libraries, Institute Archives and Special Collections.

Digital Archives Ecosystem at MIT Institute Archives and Special Collections  [PDF file]

Tools that are included in this diagram:

We are also interested in becoming an Archive-It partner and at the same time using or suggesting Webrecorder as a tool for personal digital archives such as personal websites, blogs, etc.


About Kari R. Smith

Kari is Digital Archivist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Libraries. She is also a senior instructor of the Digital Preservation Management Workshops series.
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