Marketing & Communications: 2018/10 (Oct)

(Brigham Fay)

  • The fall issue of Bibliotech is out!
  • Videos in progress: GIS and Data Lab, Emilie Hardman/Special Collections
  • Current and upcoming projects: holiday card; GIS and Data Lab promotion and signage; updating signage with IDLA and IASC; Jonny Sun exhibit in Hayden; Hayden reno communications planning; MIT Reads discussion and art show promotion; IASC handout templates

Data and Specialized Services: 2018/10 (Oct)

Data visualization:  I’m pleased to share this description of Christine Malinowski’s data visualization project.  This is a step to address a well-described gap in our service portfolio.

GIS and Data Lab Interns:   Interns are being recruited  to support our emerging program experiments in the GIS and Data Lab.

AKDC has brought aboard several temps to help support Archnet workflows, processing materials for shipment to Harvard Depository, and processing archival collections.

Matt Saba and Michael Toler attended and presented at the Historians of Islamic Art Biennial Symposium

Liaison, Instruction, & Reference Services: 2018/10 (Oct)

Arts and Humanities

Mark Szarko, LIRS liaison for literature, is part of the MIT Libraries team (Felicity Walsh, Sam Spencer, Brigham Fay) supporting ARTificial Intelligence, a collaborative project between MIT and the Cambridge Public Library (CPL) developed by MIT’s Stephanie Frampton, to explore impacts of new tech on society. On November 16-18, at CPL, they will present an installation of MIT PhD candidate Jonny Sun’s The Laughing Room. Designed like a sitcom set, The Laughing Room invites participants to say something funny, and if the algorithms of the room’s artificial intelligence agree, it triggers a laugh track. A parallel exhibit, The Control Room, will be hosted at Hayden. Related events: “Talk Back” with Jonny Sun and Friends, Hayden, Saturday, Nov 17. Follow-up panel discussion at CPL on December 6.

Ece Turnator, Mark Szarko and Emilie Hardman will support Michael Cuthbert’s digital humanities project on the history of computing at MIT, inspired by College of Computing announcement. Professor Cuthbert is the Director of the new Digital Humanities Lab (DH Lab), which has 25 UROPs working collaboratively on multiple projects.

Science & Engineering

Librarians launched a project to understand key issues and the landscape of Open Science, to educate themselves about major players and specifically about what is happening on campus.  Elizabeth, Karrie and Barbara started a month-long MOOC on open science.

Phoebe organized a meeting with Harvard science and engineering librarians to discuss trends, collections, and outreach projects.

EDISJ activities

Tina, Lisa and Sofia attended the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color in September along with other MIT Libraries staff, where official panels reported on patterns of mistreatment of people of color in our field, including policing of communication styles, targeting for punishment, isolating people of color from work and colleagues, minimization of issues, and dismissing criticism and analysis as being emotional and exhibiting unprofessional demeanor.  The library team is following through on a debriefing and bringing the work done at that conference back into our own organization.

Global Perspectives

LIRS hosted a visiting library director, Dr. Kumbar, from the Indian Institute of Technology-Gandhinagar, who explored a range of topics including space planning, reference service, digital scholarship, innovative engineering instruction, virtual reality, archives, and machine learning.  IIT-GN will host an international conference on the future of science and technology libraries in late February 2019.

Research: 2018/10 (Oct)

October 30, 2018


  • Public Mapping Book published
  • IMLS Diversity Workshop no cost extension approved and potential dates in 2019 picked out
  • CNI Library Privacy Session approved
  • GCS Draft open for public comment

Completed since September

  • Attendance at IPRES and talk
  • Attendance at Digital Preservation 2018 and talk
  • Attendance at SocArXiv O3S
  • Attendance at Distributed Sensitive Data workshop
  • IMLS NLG Preliminary proposal submission
  • Vanderbilt Law Review article revisions

Continuing work/Underway through November 2018

  • Brown Democracy Medal lecture and interviews, State College, PA
  • JASIST Submission with Alex
  • International Participative Democracy  Chapter
  • NDSA National Agenda Draft
  • Initial participant save the date for Diversity in Information Systems Workshop
  • Knight Foundation proposal draft
  • GCS report revisions
  • Library Privacy paper/CNI Workshop Prep

As usual, papers, events, blog posts, course materials, etc. are available from the program website, blog, and twitter feed here.

Scholarly Communications & Collections Strategy: 2018/10 (Oct)

  • October 22 – 26 was OA Week! SCCS hosted a table in Lobby 10 to promote the opt-in OA license, which makes the MIT OA Policy available to students and staff (in addition to faculty, who are covered by their Faculty Open Access Policy). We talked to people about open access, handed out candy, shirts, and books, and signed people up to hold on to their rights and make their work open.
  • Katharine Dunn and Nick Lindsay (Director of Journals and Open Access, MIT Press) recorded a podcast for OA Week on open access in the Libraries and at the Press and gave a talk at OpenCon NYC on all things OA at MIT.

Technology Planning, Integration, & Experience: 2018/10 (Oct)

October 2018

  • Visit the Library Technology Portfolio to see a “dashboard” view of progress on projects which is updated monthly in the last/first week of each month; for further details about individual projects, see the TPIE Project Management Repository.
  • Join the Slack Channel #dls-projects-central to ask questions about projects, see messages about new deliverables or status reports, or other breaking project news.
  • Recent project milestones include:
    • DSpace Upgrade & Migration – Phase 3 Implementation: Contract with Atmire has been approved
    • Comprehensive Digital Preservation Storage – Phase 1b Storage Provider Implementation:  Scope confirmation and next steps with vendors scheduled for October
    • Dissemination Object Store: Working on benchmark exercise.
    • ILS Migration Cost/Benefit Analysis: Vendor demos underway, team is analyzing findings and workin on cost estimates.
    • RDM Technology Planning Project- Team has concluded analysis and recommendations and shared with sponsor for approval.
    • Discovery Index: Project team has started building the  pipeline and coding.
    • Website for Public Domain Day: Project has been approved and has started.
    • Web Form Improvements: Project has been completed!
    • Carbon Migration and Automation: Development is completed, waiting for Symplectic to resolve and support ticket and then will complete testing

Marketing & Communications: 2018/09 Sept

Marketing and Communications (Brigham Fay)

  • Saro Acharya began as the fall video production intern on Sept. 26. He can be reached at saro@mit.eduand will be sitting in 14S-312 on Mon, Wed, and Fri.
  • The fall issue of Bibliotech has released to the printer and should drop in mid-October
  • Recently completed: coordinating release and publicity for Open Access Task Force white paper; Overleaf Promotion; updating bookmarks and other materials with new branding
  • Current and upcoming projects: Learn with the Libraries promotion; fall appeal; GIS and Data Lab promotion and signage; MIT Reads promotion; process for updating signage with IDLA

Liaison, Instruction, & Reference Services: 2018/09 Sept

LIRS used “The Helping Relationship” framework from LMSI as an exercise during the all-LIRS meeting in September.

S&E Community of Practice librarians had a second meeting to establish direction for engaging with Open Science. Several members will take the TUDelft MOOC on Open Science in October.

The Playscape group is a grass roots staff effort organized by Ece Turnator and Mark Szarko aimed at exploring digital humanities tools and problems, in order to engage faculty and foster collaboration on innovative teaching and research projects.  For the Fall, they are working with Omeka (at the suggestion of the new Director of the Digital Humanities Lab). More details are available on the project plan.

Sofia, Stacey and Karrie contributed information about the library’s teaching and learning program as part of the MIT Libraries’ preparation for MIT re-accreditation.  The information literacy report offered is a chart of high level activities over the past several years.

Lewis Music Library: 2018/09 Sept

  • In conjunction with Music and Theater Arts, we hosted the year’s first Composer Forum.  The guest speaker was Matthew Schumaker, a 2018-2019 MLK Visiting Scholar.  Three more Composer Forum events are due to take place this semester.
  • It’s still very early in the semester but already two classes have asked for an orientation and basic use instruction on our Audio Lab.  (Forrest Larson for ably filled these requests, on very short notice.)

Information Delivery & Library Access: 2018/09 Sept


  • ID&LA has been working with Music to support the new “Calm to Go” program as well as lending technical assistance the scheduled community events Lewis is hosting
  • ID&LA is working with other departments (mainly within ACE) to ensure that all details are arranged to support this year’s holiday hours pilot
  • Resource Sharing, UX and ITS have been collaborating on the upgrade of Relias Discovery 2.0 to Discovery 3.0 – this has been a highly educational process for everyone working on it and has really fostered good cross departmental thinking
  • ID&LA is working with other departments heads to try out a new model to help make progress on Priority A.  This model is pretty specific to ID&LA’s methods of staffing and the kind of work the department does, but might provide some helpful ideas for other departments thinking about how to rationalize the “shift vs. core” question

Space and Facilities:

  • Resource Sharing staff are working with Sam Spencer and Grace Mlady on a fall/winter space refresh for their work area – sadly, windows are not part of the scope of this project 

Information Delivery & Library Access: 2018/08 (Aug)


  • ID&LA has been working with Marketing to update the surprisingly vast array of signs with updates fonts and logos around the Libraries

Space and Facilities:

  • ID&LA staff from Barker have been successfully relocated to 14E-210 and Rotch – thanks to everyone who helped to make that short turnaround time project (ITS, LIRS, Keith, Jeremiah, Grace M. and Sam)
  • The Rotch storage project (shifting, and return of the bound journals from Barker) is complete – thanks to Jaclyn, our Stacks team and W.B. Meyer


  • A HUGE shoutout to everyone who helped keep the Libraries running smoothly while so many managers were working together at the DJA training.  It was a big ask, but a hugely valuable experience and much appreciated!
  • It’s temping season – ID&LA is currently using 3 temps to help bridge various staffing gaps and transitions in our work – thank you to Admin for helping us be flexible.

Marketing & Communications: 2018/08 (Aug)

(Brigham Fay)

  • Interviews are in progress for the fall video intern position
  • Recently completed: New Library maps, promotion and SWAG for orientation events
  • Current and upcoming projects: Fall issue of Bibliotech, fall appeal, GIS and Data Lab promotion and signage, Overleaf promotion, MIT Reads promotion

Scholarly Communications & Collections Strategy: 2018/08 (Aug)

Collections Strategists facilitated meetings between selectors from their CoPs and Laura Zusman, our GOBI representative, in June and early July. Our goal was to leverage our approval plan as much as possible to streamline book purchasing, including for example moving more selection processes from slips – where selectors must make title-level purchase decisions – to automatic book delivery; and exploring automatic shipment of prizewinning books and books reviewed in certain key reviewing sources.

Technology Planning, Integration, & Experience: 2018/08 (Aug)

August/September 2018

  • Visit the Library Technology Portfolio to see a “dashboard” view of progress on projects which is updated monthly in the last/first week of each month; for further details about individual projects, see the TPIE Project Management Repository
  • Milestones/Project Completions:
    • DSpace upgrade and migration:the contract for the DSpace Upgrade/Migration Implementation project has made it through our procurement office and is now with Atmire for their approval. This will set us up for the next steps of implementing the upgrade and migration plan over the winter.
    • Forms: all user facing forms on have moved to the new system, with the exception of two IASC forms; project closeout work will be completed soon. this work updates the backend code and makes improvements to styling and usability.
    • Web site redesign planning: early prep work is underway to kickoff two projects that will allow us to understand the current state of to plan for eventual future upgrades after work on Strategic Priority A-Service Portfolio is underway:
      • Website Redesign Planning Content Inventory
      • Website Redesign Planning CMS (Content Management System) evaluation
    • Personas: A presentation to all-lib to DLS proto-personas and universal design checklist was given on August 21, signaling the close of Service Design Phase 1- Personas project.

Data and Specialized Services: 2018/08 (Aug)

GIS and Data Management Services

  • GIS and Data Lab:  the new space on 7A-100 is taking shape!  Electrical and network wiring is in place, along with fresh paint, new carpet and furniture.  People and technology will move into the space in September. A lot of people, both in the Libraries and beyond worked hard to get this space launched.