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Archives Collections: Student and MIT Community Organizations

The number preceded by "AC" is the collection number.

Ashdown House, Records, 1947-1980, AC291

Ask Joe! Records, 1994-1995, AC518

Association of Independent Living Groups. Records, approximately 2000 to 2011, AC602 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Athletic Association, Records, 1906-circa 1971, AC070 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Chemical Society, Records, 1903-1932, AC351

Civil Engineering Society, Records, 1889-1893, AC385

Combined Musical Clubs, Records, 1884-1972, AC312 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Community Players, Scrapbooks, 1932-1958, AC313

Cosmopolitan Club, Records, 1911-1915, AC384

Daily Planet, Records, 81-006

Educational Studies Program, Records, AC520

Epsilon Theta. Records, circa 1998, 2011, AC604 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Faculty Drama Club, Records, 1938-1950, AC352

Flying Club, Records, 1928-1929, AC498

Flying Club, Inc., Records, 1947-1954, AC300

Football Association, Records, 1889-1891, AC350

Freshman Quiz, 1981, AC380

Geological Club, Records, 1889-1907, AC383

Graduate Student Council, Records, 1953-1989, AC246

Gymnasium, Subscription list, 1874, AC367

Hair (musical), Records, 1987, AC315

Informal Dance Committee, Records, 1937-1959, AC468

Osiris (Society), Records, 1904-1969, AC301 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Phi Beta Kappa. Xi of Massachusetts (MIT), Records, 1970-1988, AC317

Phi Kappa Sigma. Alpha Mu Chapter. Records, approximately 1998 to 2003, AC603 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Phi Sigma Kappa. Omicron Chapter. Records, 1902 to 2011, AC601 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Quarter Century Club, Records, 1970-1993, AC453

Random Hall, Records, 1967-1971, AC305

Rocket Research Society, Records, 1951-1962, AC316

Science Fiction Society, Records, 1949-1960, AC331

Sigma Alpha Mu, Xi Chapter, Records, 1917-1967, AC425

Silver Club, Records, 1946-1976, AC454

Social Action Coordinating Committee, Records, 1965-1976, AC349

Solar Electric Vehicle Team, Records, 1980-1997, AC486

Tech Electric Club, Minutes, 1888-1892, AC310

Tech Show, Records, 1899-1969, AC299 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Technology Athletic Club, Records, 1919, AC342

Technology Catholic Community, Records, 1965-[ongoing], AC303

Technology Christian Association, Records, 1905-1948, AC382

Technology Christian Organization, Undergraduate Employment Bureau, Annual report, 1931-1932, AC084

Technology Engineering News, Records, 1970-1975, 79-105

Technology Wives Organization, Records, 1923-1979, AC320

The Tech, Records, 1885-1886, AC335

Ten Club, Records, 1930-1969, AC529

Undergraduate government associations

Point System Committee, Records, 1911, AC083
Undergraduate Association, Records, 1914-1985, AC147

Union House Committee, Minutes, 1911-1913, AC085

Voo Doo, Records, 1948-1957, AC311

Women's Forum, Records, 1973-1978, AC364

Women's Independent Living Group, Records, 1976-1979, AC308

Women's League, Records, 1913-2004, AC381 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)



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