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School of Science

Department of Applied Biological Sciences

Records, 1962-1989, AC442
Records of faculty, 1964-1988, AC440
Student records, 1972-1991, AC248

Department of Biology

Curriculum materials, 1989, AC457
Student records, 1940-[oingoing], AC178

Department of Chemistry

Curriculum materials, 1946-, AC051
Records, 1971-1979, 83-013

Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Records, 1941-1998, AC494
Student records, 1947-1996, AC472

Department of Mathematics

Curriculum materials, 1884-1979, AC480
Records, 1935-1966, AC123
Student records, 1940s-[ongoing], AC429

Department of Meteorology

Records, 1940-1979, AC177
Student records, 1938-1986, AC460
Faculty records, 1938-1992, AC466

Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Curriculum materials,
1979, AC441

Department of Physics

Curriculum materials, 1869-1971, AC074
Records, 1875-1901, AC068
Student records, 1989-1991, AC409

Interdisciplinary Science Program

Records, 1975-1982, AC389
Student records, AC390

School of Science, Office of the Dean (Robert A. Alberty), Records, 1951-1983, AC104




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