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Provosts of the Institute


Records of Julius A. Stratton (Provost and Chancellor), 1949-1957, AC132

Records of Charles H. Townes, 1961-1966, AC031

Records of Walter A. Rosenblith, 1958-1980, AC007 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Records of Francis E. Low, 1980-1985, AC392

Records of John Deutch, 1976-1990, AC238

Records of Joel Moses, 1990-1998, AC527

Associate Provosts and Assistants

Records of Special Assistant to the Provost Louis Menand, 1953-1981, AC078

Records of Executive Officer Joseph Orlen, 1965-1980, AC057

Records of Associate Provost Paul E. Gray, 1969-1971, AC055

Records of Assistant to the President and Provost Norman C. Dahl, 1976-1977, AC559

Records of Associate Provost and Vice President for Research Kenneth Smith, Records, 1976-1989, AC149

Records of Assistant Provost for Administration Doreen Morris, 1984-1993, AC530

Records of Associate Provost for Educational Programs and Policy Samuel Jay Keyser, 1985-1993, AC295; Senior letters, 1987-1991, AC261

Records of Associate Provost Sheila Widnall, 1992-1993, AC487

Related records

Educational Video Resources annual report, 1983-1984, AC190

Educational Video Resources videocassettes, 1969-1983, AC148

International Scholars Office, Records, 1961-1993, AC249

International Visitors Office, Records, 1976-1984, AC225

Office of the Provost fund records, 1936-1979, AC283

Office of the Provost conflict of interest forms, 1981-1985, AC393

Records of Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program, [19??], AC522





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