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School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Anthropology/Archaeology Program, Records, 1978-1992, AC451

Committee on the HASS Requirement, Records, 1973-1980, AC405

Committee on the HASS Requirements, Records, 1985-1986, AC536

Department of Economics

Curriculum materials, 1993, AC478
Records, 1947-1982, AC394
Student records, AC431

Department of Economics and Social Science, Faculty records,
1935-1960, AC511

Department of Humanities

Curriculum materials, 1969, AC082
Records, AC404
Student records, 1958-1980, AC403

Department of Humanities, History Section, Student records,
1980-1994, AC463

Department of Humanities, Music and Theatre Arts Section

Records, 1977-1979, AC233

Department of Humanities, Writing Program

Student records, 1977-1986, AC187
Ilona Karmel Prize records, 1985-[ongoing],

Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Curriculum materials, 1994, AC483
Records, 1964-1998, AC449
Records of faculty and academic staff, 1968-1987, AC161

Department of Modern Languages, Records, 1937-1964, AC359

Department of Political Science, Student records, 1958-1980,

I. Austin Kelly III Prize Committee, Records, 1974-1998, AC345

Office of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Records,
1990-1993, AC508

Program in Science, Technology, and Society, Records, 1973-2002, AC363

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Office of the Dean, Records, 1933-1991, AC020

Science, Technology, and Society, Oral History Program records,
1973-1988, AC502





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