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School of Engineering

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Records, 1910-1976, AC043
Student records, 1920-[ongoing], AC253
Project Daedalus, Records, 1985-1989, AC183

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Undergraduate Office

Records, 1946-1990, AC277
Curriculum materials, AC401

Department of Chemical Engineering

Curriculum materials, 1917-1992, AC122
Records, AC288
Records of faculty and staff, AC444
Student records, 1922-[ongoing], AC322
School of Chemical Engineering Practice, Records, 1916-1989, AC256

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Student records, 1974-[ongoing], AC424
Alumni colloquium, New Technology of Civil Engineering, 1984 (audiotapes), AC184
Curriculum materials, 1890-1978, AC215

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Records, 1969-1973, AC547
Executive Director, Records, 1947-1969, AC496
Student records, 1931-[ongoing], AC255
Curriculum materials, 1893-1985, AC484

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Student records,
1927-1995, AC446

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Curriculum materials, AC434
Faculty and academic staff records, 1940-[ongoing], AC263
Records, 1942-1992, AC259
Student records, 1939-[ongoing], AC227

Department of Metallurgy, Curriculum materials, ca. 1946-1960, n.d., AC534

Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Correspondence, 1971, AC341

Department of Mining and Metallurgy, Student laboratory reports, 1899-1926, AC72 Finding aid (PDF)  (HTML)

Department of Nuclear Engineering

Curriculum materials, 1962-1990, AC016
Faculty records, AC471
Records, 1968-1996, AC346

Department of Ocean Engineering

Curriculum materials, 1971-1981, AC402
Records, 1907-1982, AC395
Student records, 1947-[ongoing], AC396

Project Proceed, Records, 1972-1981, AC145

School of Engineering

Office of the Dean, Records, 1943-1989, AC012
Assistant Dean for Resource Development, Records, 1979-1987, AC216
Associate Dean, Records, 1971-1978, AC023
Records of faculty and academic staff, AC296




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