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The number preceded by "AC" is the collection number

Activities Report Committee, Records, 1921, AC101

Ad Hoc Committee on Family and Work, Records, 1988-1990, AC266

Ad Hoc Committee on Outside Commitments, Records, 1969-1970, AC139

Ad Hoc Committee on the Military Presence at MIT, Records, 1985-1986, AC150

Administrative Advisory Committee, Records, 1993-1998, AC474

Advisory Council on Athletics, Records, 1898-1947, AC044

Commencement Committee, Committee records, 1925-1986, AC046 Finding aid (PDF)

Art Committee, Records, 1960-1973, AC066 Finding aid (PDF)  (HTML)

Commission on Engineering Undergraduate Education, Records, 1986-1988, AC234

Commission on MIT Education, Records, 1969-1971, AC056

Committee for the Review of Space Planning, Records, 1966-1994, AC421

Committee for the Review of Space Planning, Records, 1963-1987, AC462

Committee on Academic Computation for the 1990s and Beyond, Records, 1985-1990, AC239

Committee on Academic Responsibility, Records, 1991-1992, AC521

Committee on Animal Care, Records, 1964-1991, AC207

Committee on Educational Policy, Records, 1962-1985, AC097 Finding aid (PDF)

Committee on Graduate Housing Issues, Records, 1956-1986, AC269

Committee on International Institutional Commitments, Records, 1982-1985, AC221

Committee on Provisional Students and Discipline, Records, 1922-1946, AC195

Committee on Responsibilities of Faculty Members, Records, 1949-1968, AC096

Committee on Selective Service, Records, 1966-1973, AC357

Committee on Sexual Harassment, Records, 1979-1990, AC240

Committee on Simplification of Curricula, Records, 1944, AC206

Committee on Student Environment, Records, 1965-1977, AC040

Committee on the Visual Arts, Records, 1945-1980, AC048

Committee on the Writing Requirement, Records, 1982-1987, AC159

Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects, Records, 1970-1994, AC026

Council for the Arts, Records, 1961-1989, AC230

Council on the Family and Work, Records, 1989-1994, AC493

Facilities Use Committee, Records, 1984-1993, AC280

Faculty Committees

Committee on Academic Performance, Records, 1957-1992, AC196

Committee on Admissions, Minutes, 1920-1936, AC045

Committee on Educational Survey (Lewis Committee), Records, 1930-1949, AC124 Description | Report (PDF)

Committee on Graduate School Policy, Records, 1901-[ongoing], AC120

Committee on Nominations, Records, 1951-1963, AC194

Committee on Outside Professional Activities, Records, 1962-1986, AC158

Committee on Petitions, Records, 1946-1951, AC197

Committee on the Library System, Records, 1898-1955, 1999-2002, AC370

Committee on the Undergraduate Program, Records, 1985-[ongoing], AC189

Committee on Undergraduate Policy, Records, 1950-1985, AC526

Faculty Policy Committee, Records, 1985-[ongoing], AC188

Standing Committee on Scholarships, Records, 1891-1894, 1923-1924, ASC025

Standing Committee on Special Laboratories, Records, 1969-1972, AC128

Fulbright Committee, Records, 1950-1964, AC353

Gymnasium Committee. Records, 1874-1880, AC002 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Institute's Council on Health and Safety, Records, 1978-1991, AC274

Joint Panel on the November Events, Tapes of meetings, 22-24 November 1969, AC087

Office Automation and Word Processing Planning Committee, Records, 1981, AC369

Patent Policy, Committee on, and Patent Management Committee, Records, 1931-1968, AC064 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Review Panel on Special Laboratories (Pounds Panel), Records, 1969-1971, AC054

Staff-Administration Committee, Records, 1951-1964, AC198

Task Force on Medical Care for the MIT Community, Records, 2004-2006, AC572 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Task Force on Student Life and Learning, Records, 1996-1998, AC509 Finding aid (PDF)

Walker Memorial Gymnasium Committee, Ledgers, 1899-1918, AC367 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)

Wiesner, Laya, and Jerome B., Student Art Awards, Records, 1984-, AC307

Working Group on Support Staff Issues, Records, AC330

Working Group on Dangerous Drinking, Records, 1991-1999, AC538 Finding aid (PDF) (HTML)




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