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MIT-related Oral Histories at Other Institutions

A brief search was undertaken to find additional oral histories conducted with those affiliated with MIT but recorded at other institutions. What follows are the results of that search.

Rad Lab Collection
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Transcripts available online

Henry B. Abajian
Royal P. Allaire
Kenneth T. Bainbridge
Edythe Baker
Milton A. Chaffee
Britton Chance
Lee L. Davenport
Howard Doolittle
Art Fong
Charles (Bert) and Kathryn Fowler
Virginia Gerdes
Ivan A. Getting
Dorothy Gillette
Fred J. Heath
Joan Leamy James
Lawrence Johnston
Robert L. Kyhl
Benjamin Lax
Frank D. Lewis
Louis F. Moose
Russell D. O'Neal
Ernest C. Pollard
Robert V. Pound
Edward M. Purcell
Norman F. Ramsey
Randal Robertson
Denis M. Robinson
Nathaniel Rochester
Ragnar Rollefson
Theodore Saad
Catherine F. Scott
Samuel Seely
Chalmers W. Sherwin
H. Guyford Stever
Virginia Powell Strong
Leo Sullivan
Gerald F. Tape
Helen L. Thomas
Herbert G. Weiss
Jerome B. Wiesner

Lawrence Anderson

Pietro Bellusichi

Wesley Clark

F. J. Corbato

Jack B. Dennis

Michael L. Dertouzos

Robert M. Fano

Richrad Filipowski

Gyorgy Kepes

Makoto Kikuchi

J. C. R. Licklider

Constantine J. Maletskos, Ph.D.

Transcript available online

Thomas Massie Jasmes McLurkin

John McCarthy

Marvin Lee Minsky

Ken Olsen
Transcript available online

Otto Piene

Roberto O. Preusser

Lawrence G. Roberts

Robert Seamans
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library

Cyril Stanley Smith

H. Guyford Stever

Jeanne Wasserman

Patrick Henry Winston

Oral History Holdings at MIT | MIT-related Oral Histories at Other Institutions