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Welcome to the website of the
MIT Oral History Advisory Group

MIT is blessed with a rich history. While much of this history can be interpreted using paper records or artifacts, many of MIT's voices are missing from these sources. The information found at this wonderful site will help add to the history of the Institute the words of those who helped create it. I hope this site will prove valuable to those who would like to learn more about the Institute and its past, in particular historians seeking to understand the unique role that MIT has played in American society during World War II and beyond.

Lawrence S. Bacow
Chancellor, 1998-2001

Howard W. Johnson, Paul E. Gray, Jerome B. Wiesner
Three of MIT's presidents:
left to right: Howard W. Johnson, Paul E. Gray, Jerome B. Wiesner

Oral history collections
Johnson #MC 226 & #MC 55

Gray #MC 55
Wiesner #MC 55

Photograph by Calvin Campbell
MIT News Office

Courtesy of MIT Museum