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Documents Concerning the Founding and
Early Years of the Institute
  All of the following documents are in PDF format. To view them you will need the free Acrobat Reader. (Information Services & Technology download instructions)


Conservatory of Art and Science. Legislative Document. House No. 260. 1859. (pdf)

1861 Objects and Plan of an Institute of Technology; including a Society of Arts, a Museum of Arts, and a School of Industrial Science. 1861. Second printing. (pdf)
1861 An Act to Incorporate the Massachusetts Institute of Technology..., 1861. (pdf)
1861 Estimate of the Financial Effect of the Proposed Reservation of Back-Bay Lands. 1861. (pdf)
1861 An Account of the Proceedings Preliminary to the Organization of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1861. (pdf)
1864 Scope and Plan of the School of Industrial Science of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1864. (pdf)
1864 Outline of Studies in the Department of Practical Geology, Mining, and Metallurgy. 1864. (pdf)
1865 An Address on the Limits of Education, read before the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, November 16, 1865. By Jacob Bigelow, M.D. (pdf)
1865-6 First Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students, and Programme of the Course of Instruction, of the School of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1865-6. (pdf)
1866 An Outline of a Course of Architectural Instruction. By William R. Ware. 1866. (pdf)
1867 Report of the Committee of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on the Subject of Free Scholarships. 1867. (pdf)











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