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MIT History Return to top

William Barton Rogers: MIT's Visionary Founder

The Founding of MIT

“Objects and Plan of an Institute of Technology,” 1860

Letter from Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew to William Barton Rogers, March 9, 1861

MIT Seal, adopted 1864

Minutes of MIT’s First Faculty Meeting, September 25, 1865

The Rogers Building, Boston, 1866-1938

Fire Insurance Policy on MIT’s First Building, 1866-1867

The Rogers Laboratory of Physics, 1870s

MIT at the World’s Fair, 1893

Alumni Petition Opposing MIT-Harvard Merger, 1904-05

MIT's First Ph.D.'s, 1907

A Design for the “New Technology,” 1912

Souvenir Program, Alumni Dedication Reunion, 1916

The Telephone Banquet, 1916

Early Maps of MIT, 1905, 1916, 1924

Names on MIT Buildings around Killian Court

Blashfield Murals in Walker Memorial

Harbor View: Radar Training at MIT, 1941-1945

Building 20, 1943-1998

Project Whirlwind, 1940s & 1950s

Project Whirlwind Comes Home

The Mid-Century Convocation at MIT, 1949

50th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Chapel and Kresge Auditorium, 1955

Letter from Andrew Wyeth to Catherine Stratton, 1960

Greetings on the Occasion of MIT's Centennial in 1961

MIT and Project Apollo: C. S. Draper's bid for space, 1961

Tech Talk Announcement of New MIT Senior Staff � 1971

Inaugural Addresses of MIT Presidents

MIT Culture/Students Return to top

MIT Entrance Examination, 1869-1870

MIT Entrance Examination, 1876

Diary of Robert Hallowell Richards, 1873

Technique No. 1 (1885): MIT's First "Annual"

Student Notebook of Katharine Dexter (McCormick), 1896

Tech Show, 1899-1969

Beacon of Progress, 1900

The Tech, December 20, 1901

Tech Songs, 1903

Foreword from Technique 1907

25th Reunion of the Class of 1888 (1913)

VooDoo, vol. 1, no. 1 (March 1919): Student Humor at MIT

Photograph, Junior Varsity Crew, 1924

MIT Field Day Program, August 28, 1943

A Whimsical Map of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1944-5

Score for MIT's Tech Show, 1954

MIT Community Players: The Madwoman of Chaillot, 1958

Letter from Andrew Wyeth to Catherine Stratton, 1960

MIT Dames Fashion Show Poster, 1961

Surficial Geology Map of Quincy, Massachusetts, 1964 (thesis)

Class of 1951 (55th reunion, 2006)

Achievements of MIT faculty, administrators, students, and alumni/ae Return to top

Drawing from The Log of the Dorian, 1878-1879

"Scatter Acorns That Oaks May Grow": Arthur D. Little, Inc., Founded 1886

Catalog, Thomson Electric Welding Co., ca. 1890

Photograph, Wachusett Dam Construction, 1898

Photograph of Corona, Solar Eclipse, May 1900

Theodore Roosevelt's Letter to John Ripley Freeman regarding the Panama Canal, 1908

Watercolors by Eleanor Manning O’Connor, 1912?

Ellen H. Richards Memorial Calendar, 1913

Ellen Swallow Richards

MIT Wind Tunnel, Photograph, ca. 1914

Jerome Hunsaker’s NC-4 “Flying Boat,” 1919

Report: “On the Making of Silk Purses from Sows’ Ears,” 1921

Allen Hazen's Photograph Album, World Engineering Congress, Tokyo, October-November 1929

Cosmic Ray Observations in Eritrea: Research notes of Bruno Rossi, 1933

Illustration from Report on Van de Graaff Generator, 1933

World War II Nighttime Aerial Reconnaissance Photograph, March 15, 1944

Advertisement: The Suitcase House, ca. 1945

X-ray Used in MIT Linguistics Research, 1951

Sputnik, James R. Killian, and the US Response to Soviet Space Science, 1957

Telegram from Alvar Alto, 1958

The Perceptual Form of the City: Study directed by Kevin Lynch and Gyorgy Kepes, 1954-1959

Sketch Map of Boston, 1955: Notes from Kevin Lynch’s Image of the City Project

Physical Science Study Committee, 1956

Sonar Chart, 1964, from Harold Edgerton Papers

Vannevar Bush Letter about Physics of Baseball, 1965

Photograph of Giant Squid Used in Francis O. Schmitt's Animal Nerve Cell Research, 1965

Chart from MIT-Club of Rome "Project on the Predicament of Mankind," 1972

Report: “Francis Drake’s Brass Plate,” 1976

Photograph, Flight of Daedalus, from Crete to Santorin, 1988

Commemorating 100 Years of Powered Flight, 2003

Other Return to top

Galileo's "Sidereus Nuncius," 1610

Balloon Prints from the Vail Collection

MIT’s Rare and “Special” Books

Frontispiece of Pamphlet on Mesmerism, 1784

Charles Wheatstone's "Harmonic Diagram," 1824

Historical Patent Records from the Blatchford, Seward & Griswold Collection (1841-1910)

Wedding Trip Diary of William Barton Rogers, June 20 - August 23, 1849

Photograph by Timothy O'Sullivan, 1869: Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel

Stained Glass Design from the Gaffield Collection, 1885

“At the pleasure of the President,” 1908-1979

Model of the Wright Brothers’ Airplane, 1910s

Norbert Wiener Meets Albert Einstein: Letter from Wiener to His Sister Bertha, 1925

MIT’s Smallest Books, 1929-1930

Letter from Mayor Curley, 1948

Letter from Boston Mayor Kevin White to MIT President Jerome Wiesner, 1974

Photographs from Asilomar: International Conference on Recombinant DNA Molecules, February 1975

Resource for Energy Research: The Peter E. Glaser Papers, 1944-2000

Engineering Your Research: Finding Aids for Archives Collections

Theses in MIT's DSpace

William Barton Rogers: Announcing a Grant from the Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation to Preserve and Promote the Use of the Rogers Collection




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