Building 20: What's Next?

Event to commemorate MIT's Building 20

An event commemorating Building 20 will take place March 26- 27, 1998. It will feature speakers, demonstrations, displays and a banquet. For more information please see the official web site, MIT's Building 20: The Magical Incubator.

Demolition of Building 20

In 1996 MIT announced that Building 20 was to be torn down in early 1998. In January 1997, departments, offices and laboratories began to move out of the building and into newly renovated spaces. Some former Building 20 occupants moved to Building 56, and others will be moving into Building 16. The relocations will be completed in 1998, and then the decommissioning process (including asbestos abatement) will begin in preparation for the demolition of Building 20.

Plans for New Building on Site of Building 20

After the site is cleared, a new 300,000 square foot complex of buildings will be constructed to house the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, and the Laboratory for Computer Science. MIT received a generous $25 million donation towards the new building from an alumnus, Ray Stata, and his wife, Maria. It appears that Frank O. Gehry and Associates will be designing the new building complex. The 28 January 1998 issue of Tech Talk indicated that MIT has entered into contract negotiations with Gehry.

Since this web site was created, the Stata Center has been completed on the Building 20 site.

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