Celebrating the History of Building 20

For over 50 years, MIT's Building 20 has been the home to a variety of research labs, academic departments, student clubs, machine shops, and administrative offices. Originally built in 1943 as a temporary building for part of the Radiation Laboratory (the major site for wartime radar research and development), the building was supposed to be demolished immediately following the end of World War II. Building 20 will be coming down in 1998 and replaced by a new building.

Building 20, Vassar St. facade

Building 20, Vassar Street facade, 1997.

Building 20 has lived a long useful life and the intent of this web page is to tell some of its history, describe notable events that happened within its walls, and to recognize the number of groups that have dwelled within it. As the time approaches to say goodbye to the weathered, three-story structure at 18 Vassar Street, it seems appropriate to celebrate Building 20.
Building 20, Vassar St. entrance
Main door to Building 20 (Vassar Street entrance).

Last modified: 2 March 1998
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