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Sending Student Records to the Archives

For non-permanent records, see the Records Management web site
Permanent records | Student records

Please call the Archives (617.253.5690) to discuss student records that you plan to send to the Archives.

  • "Active" vs. "inactive" files
    The Archives accepts only inactive files. General practice at the Institute has been for departments to hold on to their active student records for five years. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to retrieve active files for offices, nor do we have the space to accommodate current records.
  • "Complete" vs. "incomplete" sets of records
    The set of records for the year you are transferring should be complete. We are unable to go back later and integrate additional files into existing sets of records for a calendar year. If student records file folders are still dispersed in faculty offices or in use elsewhere, records for that year should be held in your office until the set for that calendar year is complete. Otherwise, over time the student records for your department will be unwieldy and items likely misidentified or misfiled.
  • Student records must be prepared according to the directions below.

Boxes: Please contact Institute Archives at (or 617.253.5690) for information about boxes required for packing permanent records.

Remove file folders from Pendaflex hanging folders and pack folders in Paige Wonder Boxes. Please pack loosely; you should be able to get your fist between the last of the folders and the box.

On end of box under handle, with felt pen, number boxes consecutively with department abbreviation:

MechE 1, MechE 2

Please do not use adhesives, labels, tape, etc. on the boxes.
Include under the lid of the first box a memo on your office letterhead that includes the information to the right:
Name & phone number of person sending records.
Number of boxes being sent.
Identification of what is in each box:
Box 1 - B.S. 1992, A-M;
Box 2 - B.S. 1992, N-Z;
or a full listing of the names, dates, and degrees in each box
Call the Collections and Records Management Archivist (617.253.5690) to arrange a date for moving. Please do not make any arrangements for sending records before calling the Archives.








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