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Donor's Gift Agreement

Sample gift agreement

Personal papers (manuscript collections) are transferred to MIT by means of a gift agreement. The function of the document is to clarify the property, copyright, disposition, and access rights to the collection. As the standard agreement reads:

  • Property and copyrights are transferred to MIT. This agreement does not affect the copyrights to published works. Transferring the copyrights enables MIT to grant researchers permission to quote from the collection.
  • Granting disposition rights to MIT allows us to remove from the collection material which we believe should not be permanently retained. We would dispose of such material in accordance with your wishes; it can be returned to you, offered to another repository, or destroyed.
  • This agreement allows us to administer access to the collection with a minimum impact on your time.
  • The appendix referred to in the gift agreement is the brief preliminary inventory or description of the collection prepared by our staff. An additional appendix is prepared for each group of papers you give to the Archives and becomes a part of the legal agreement.


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